GD Harries sponsor the Child of Wales Bravery Award

We are delighted to announce that we sponsored the Bravery Award for the Child of Wales Awards.

Posted on: March 26th 2023    •    Posted in: Charity work

The awards were founded to shine a bright light on an amazingly brave group of children and young people who face hardships and challenges every day, yet never give up, never stop trying – inspiring those around them in the process.

The Child of Wales awards are the first awards of their kind and were incepted to solely honour the achievements of children and young people, and the charities that support them, from all across Wales.

The second annual awards, took place on Friday 24th March 2023 at Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel, were hosted by Gethin Jones and had a host of famous faces in the audience.

About Hari and Dylan

Hari and Dylan, both aged twelve, are great friends and avid football fans. One afternoon they were being driven home from football training by Hari’s mum. Everything was as it should be, but suddenly Hari’s mum started to feel unwell and eventually passed out at the wheel whilst travelling at speed on the M4.

Instead of panicking, the two boys kept their composure and remained calm. Hari grabbed the wheel of the car and managed to manoeuvre down a one mile stretch of the M4, before exiting on a slip road and parking in the hard shoulder.

Dylan helped to guide Hari and told him to put the hazard lights and hand brake on. Once the car had stopped, they got out, flagged down help and then phoned Hari’s dad so he could provide further assistance.

Their courage in a moment of terror helped to prevent what could have been a catastrophic situation.