Careers in Quarrying in South Wales

Would you like to work in the wonderful Welsh outdoors? Looking for a career that’s varied, challenging and interesting?

Posted on: November 3rd 2023    •    Posted in: Staff and Careers
Careers in Quarrying in South Wales

With its spectacular mountainous landscape and complex geological history, what better place to consider a career in Quarrying than South Wales?

Quarrying is the process of extracting minerals, rocks and other materials from the ground. It has been a vital industry in the UK for centuries, providing the materials needed for the construction of buildings, roads and other infrastructure. Today, the quarrying industry continues to play an important role in the UK’s economy, with thousands of people employed in the sector.

The materials produced during quarrying are known as aggregates, such as sand, gravel and crushed rock. At GD Harries & Sons, we regularly quarry limestone, sandstone and granite products for use in asphalt and concrete, which we supply for use in major infrastructure projects across the region and the UK.

If this sounds appealing to you, and ever wondered what a career in quarrying could look like, then read on to find out more about the type of job roles we have within our business for people with different skills and interests, from entry-level positions to management roles.

Quarry Operatives

Responsible for operating machinery and equipment used in the extraction and processing of minerals. Quarry Operatives work on the front line of the quarrying industry, using heavy machinery like excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks to extract minerals from the ground. They also carry out routine maintenance on equipment and ensure that the quarry operates safely and efficiently.


Engineers play a crucial role in the quarrying industry, designing and maintaining the machinery and equipment used in the extraction and processing of minerals. They are responsible for ensuring that the equipment operates safely and efficiently and for making improvements to increase productivity and reduce costs.


Quarry Managers oversee the day-to-day operations of the quarry, co-ordinating production, managing staff and monitoring all site systems. They are responsible for ensuring that the quarry operates safely and efficiently and that all relevant government health and safety legislation is being adhered to throughout the site. Managers also liaise with the sales and commercial teams and will report information and statistics on the quarry’s performance to the Directors of the business.

Environmental Specialists

This important role is responsible for ensuring that quarrying operations do not have a negative impact on the environment. Environmental Specialists work to reduce the environmental footprint of our quarries, monitoring air and water quality, and developing strategies for reducing waste and minimising the impact of quarrying on local ecosystems.


Geologists play a fundamental role in the quarrying industry, studying the composition and structure of rocks and minerals to determine the best methods for extracting them. They work closely with engineers and other experts to develop mining plans and ensure that quarrying operations are carried out safely and efficiently.

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GD Harries is a leading quarrying and civil engineering company in Southwest Wales, with seven granite, limestone and sandstone quarries and over 240 members of staff. We are committed to providing our employees with training and development opportunities, encouraging individuals to progress within our business. With clear career progression paths and opportunities for development, a career in quarrying can be both interesting and rewarding.

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