New traffic free bridge provides active travel route in Llanelli

In August 2023, GD Harries successfully handed over the Llanelli A484 Active Travel Bridge to the client, Carmarthenshire County Council.

In August 2023, GD Harries successfully handed over a new bridge across the A484 at Trostre in Llanelli to the client, Carmarthenshire County Council. Within minutes of being opened, the new bridge welcomed its first users including several dog walkers and cyclists. As part of an active travel route, the £1.7 million bridge for pedestrians and cyclists completes the traffic free route that will link Hendy, Trostre and the Delta Lakes.

The bridge, which was designed by WS Atkins to be visually appealing as well as provide the best possible experience for pedestrians and cyclists, features a straight northern approach ramp and a curved southern off ramp. The bridge deck is 4 metres wide and has non-slip waterproof surface, with users protected by 1.4 metre high parapet handrails along its length.

GD Harries were appointed as the principal contractor for the project under the SWWRCECF (South West Wales Regional Civil Engineering Contractors Framework). We undertook piling works consisting of rotary bored, cast in place piles, reinforced concrete pier foundations, and retaining walls using TensarTech® GreenSlope System. The bridge spans 30.4 metres over the busy A484 and is finished with stainless steel handrailing with integrated lighting.

The bridge forms part of an active travel route that runs along the path of a disused railway line, connecting to works recently completed to Stebonheath and Coedcae schools as well as providing direct access to Parc Trostre retail area. The aim of the bridge is to provide a safe crossing over the A484 for pedestrians and cyclists which will in turn improve public health, reduce congestion, and provide practical alternatives to car use for local trips to help tackle climate change.


Llanelli A484 Active Travel Bridge

Carmarthenshire County Council are planning an official opening ceremony to honour the late Phil Bennett who died in 2022 (whom the bridge is named after).

Phil Bennett was a Welsh national and rugby union player, as a fly-half for Llanelli RFC and made 414 appearances for the ‘Scarlets’ during his 15 year career. He was often seen walking the Swiss Valley cycle path and Phil Snaith, Chair of the Carmarthenshire Cycle Forum said, “It just feels right that this significant investment in walking and cycling at such an iconic gateway to his home town should be named after him”.

The project was awarded Welsh Government Active Travel funding and is part of a wider network of routes that will eventually link Hendy in the north with the Millenium Coastal Path in the south and all the communities and destinations in between. When Lee Waters, the Deputy Economy Minister for Wales, announced funding for the bridge, he said, “We want to make walking and cycling easy, safe and attractive for people’s everyday local journeys, but people won’t leave their cars at home until they can see there is a viable alternative” and added “The Trostre area is not easy to navigate for people walking or on bikes. The bridge will provide a safe, traffic free route for people, giving them more choice in how they travel around this area”.

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