Bulk Readymix Concrete Supplier South Wales

We supply and deliver quality assured readymix concrete ideal for use in DIY, commercial, agricultural and industrial projects. We currently operate concrete batching plants at Bolton Hill, Penygroes, Allt Goch, Coygen and Cardigan.



concrete batching plants through South Wales.



We have large fleet of 20 concrete transport trucks.

BSI Kitemark

BSI Kitemark

All plants are accredited to the highest standards.

On site lab

On site lab

We can design bespoke concrete mixes.

Each of our plants is accredited to use the BSI Kitemark for the design, production and delivery of ready-mixed concrete to British and European standards, so you can rely on our quality.

Our plants benefit from the reliable and consistent supply of aggregates from our own quarries. We deliver in our own fleet of truck mixers operated by experienced staff. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer specialist advice and assistance.

Bulk Readymix Concrete Supplier
Bulk Readymix Concrete Supplier in South Wales

General Concrete

General concrete is produced to British and European standards to guarantee high quality. Each has a designed strength and minimum cement content. They are most commonly used in foundations or domestic flooring

Gen 1: Often used in strip foundations

Gen 2: A stronger version of Gen 1

Gen 3: This mix has the highest cement content of the Gen range and is therefore the strongest of the range. Often used in foundations, domestic floors, patios and paths.

Reinforced Concrete Range

Most commonly used where steel reinforcement is present. The characteristics of each mix is specified by British and European standards to produce strength and durability qualities. These help to reduce the risks of the steel being attacked by aggressive chemicals.

These mixes are designated: RC20/25, RC25/30, RC28/35, RC32/40 and RC40/45.

Standard Concrete Mixes

These have a broad range of uses, and while there is no guaranteed designed strength, a minimum cement content is specified in British and European standards. The mixes range from ST1 to ST5 and their uses range from kerb backing to concrete slabs.

Designed Concrete

Usually specified by the engineer, architect or designer, it is usually manufactured to achieve a particular strength. Other properties may also be specified. These details would usually be found on the construction drawings, specification or bill of quantities.

Polypropylene Fibres

These can be added to your concrete by request. The main benefits of their addition are:

  • A longer lasting concrete
  • More resistance to wear and impact damage
  • Reduced risk of cracking
  • Less need for crack control wire mesh
Cardigan RMX
Bulk Readymix Concrete Supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I have before the concrete goes hard?

You will typically have up to two hours after the concrete arrives onsite to place and finish the load. Mixes of higher strengths will give less time than weaker mixes. Similarly, hot weather will often decrease working time.

Q: What happens with the concrete arrives?

Check the delivery ticket to confirm that the correct mix and quantity are being delivered. Show the driver where the load is to be discharged and give assistance if requested.

Q: What do I need to ensure?

  • Ensure that the access and site is safe and reasonable as we are not responsible for damage caused to footpaths, driveways, manhole covers etc.
  • An access, opening or roadway needs to be at least three metres wide for the delivery vehicle to pass through
  • The area on which the vehicle is to travel or park should be sound, safe and clear of any materials or items which could break or cause damage
  • An area is required to allow the driver to wash the delivery chutes following delivery. It is a legal requirement that the driver cleans his chutes and removes loose material before rejoining the highway.

Q: How long can the vehicle be on site?

It can normally be on site for 40 minutes. Additional time may incur a charge.

Q: How do I pay?

Payment can be made by Visa Mastercard or Switch at the time of ordering – also by trade account if one has been prearranged.

Q: What if I order too much?

We reserve the right to make a charge for concrete returned to us.

Q: When do I place my order?

The more notice that you are able to give us, the more choices that you will have for delivery times. Generally we would suggest at least 24 hours’ notice, but same day deliveries are sometimes possible.

Q: What if I need to change or cancel my order?

We will accept changes or cancellations up to any time before the concrete is prepared – this is typically up to three hours prior to the agreed delivery time. After that time, any costs incurred by us may be charged for.

Q: How accurate is your delivery time?

We make every effort to deliver to agreed times, but occasionally delays on a previous delivery or traffic problems can contribute towards some unpredictability in guaranteeing delivery times. We will always notify you of any undue delays to your delivery.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is our priority. When it comes to your health and safety and that of our staff, we don’t believe in taking risks.

Be aware that direct contact with wet concrete or screed can cause alkali burns, ulceration and acute allergic reactions in some people.

For your own safety we strongly recommend you use suitable clothing, including impervious gloves and boots. Long sleeves and eye protection should also be used.

If wet concrete or screed comes into contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water, and if it gets into the eyes, seek urgent medical attention.

How much readymix concrete do you need?

You can calculate your requirements by multiplying the length x breadth x depth of the volume which the concrete is needed to fill.

Be sure to make allowance for areas which may be slightly wider or deeper. We will supply and deliver concrete with a minimum quantity of 0.5 cubic metres in increments of 0.1 cubic metres up to 7.5 metres in one load.

As a rough guide, one cubic metre is approximately 20 – 25 wheelbarrow loads.

Concrete how and when you want it. Call us on 01834 860 464