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GD Harries are experts in specialist and conventional earthworks. We provide reliable, cost-effective earth moving solutions for all types of projects, including road building, reservoir construction, quarrying, landfill construction, land restoration and land reclamation.

Typical earthworks projects involve the processing of soil, rocks and other materials that are excavated during construction works. These usually form part of the civil engineering works required during the building of roads, railways and other structural earth works, and is one of the first and most important phases of a project. Earthworks cover all stages of dealing with materials including the excavation of soil, rock and other materials to form trenches or basements, the transportation of materials, fill – adding soil, rock and other materials to raise the ground level, flatten uneven terrain or provide a stable foundation for construction and compaction.

Earth Moving South Wales
Earthworks contractor South Wales

Grading & landscaping

Earthworks also include grading, landscaping to create features like mounds or water features and compaction of fill materials to construct earth structures. Earthworks are commonly involved in the construction of dams, embankments, tunnels and trenches.

Our clients range from small local firms to major civil engineering companies. We can provide the complete below ground civil engineering solution along with the surface package. We mobilise state of the art equipment at very short notice and complete projects efficiently and to the highest standards and tolerances. At GD Harries we employ our own operatives, estimators and surveyors in order to ensure accuracy and compliance.

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Earthworks contractor South Wales
Earthworks contractor South Wales