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We carry out significant highway works to local authority approval. We have staff skilled in road surfacing and paving and operators who are trained in utilities work. We also supply road sweepers for keeping public roads, site roads, runways and other accesses clean, and for suppressing dust.

As an experienced asphalt contractor we carry out a range of schemes from domestic surfacing projects to significant highways work. Our highly skilled road surfacing and paving team have extensive experience in laying new roads for major infrastructure projects as well as resurfacing and repairing existing roads, all to Local Authority approved standards.

Resurfacing works are an essential part of maintaining and improving the road infrastructure. We also supply road sweepers for keeping public roads, site roads, runways and other accesses clean, and suppressing dust.

We have been awarded contracts under the South Wales Trunk Road Agent framework (SWTRA) as well as the Civil and Engineering and Surfacing framework for North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent (NMWTRA).

Surface dressing chippings

Surface dressing chippings

Surface dressing involves treating roads which are in relatively good condition. The road is sprayed with bitumen binder followed by a coating layer of stone chippings. These are then pressed into the surface by rollers. We are able to supply high PSV chippings/aggregates for use as surface dressings.



We work closely with a range of commercial, domestic and private clients including local authorities, councils and businesses, helping to provide a high-level of road and car park surfacing nationwide.

Road sweepers

Road sweepers

We supply road sweepers for keeping public roads, site roads, runways and other accesses clean and for suppressing dust.

Cold milling / road planing

We operate road planers to remove layers of asphalt or concrete from a road in preparation for the resurfacing of the surface. Specialist machines are used to remove the top surface  leaving a rough textured finish. The planings that we create from this process are then sorted to create recycled aggregates.

Full structural condition assessment

Depending upon the condition of the road or surface to be re-laid, there are a number of steps required to repair, upgrade or replace the road surface. We will undertake a full structural condition assessment of an existing road prior to any resurfacing works and, if necessary, remove the current asphalt or concrete surface using our specialist equipment.

We have the capability to make daily deliveries of large volumes of asphalt in our dedicated insulated vehicles, which can also be collected from our production centres at Alltgoch, Blaencilgoed and Bolton Hill. We offer a range of asphalt products to choose from depending on your performance requirements, existing conditions, traffic levels, climate, budget and required lifespan of the road.

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